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  1. Gonna do some sprints n Ab work tomorrow, might even throw some pull ups n dips in there, have been learning to do some unassisted ones, which is an awesome feeling ... Keen as custard!

  2. This morning's workout, today marks the beginning of the last week of this programme, and I've gotta say, I've enjoyed every second of it , keen to keep pushing myself harder, and getting stronger, leaner and faster!
    Day one:
    Bench Press: Maximum testing
    Hit 3 setsx3 reps @ 32.5kg (week one was 10kg)

    T-Bar Row 1x max repsid 4 reps @ 25kg (started at 10kg)

    Close Grip Dumbbell Press 1x10x12.5kg each hand

    Pulley Row: 1x12x24.5kg

    Lying Triceps Extension (skull crusher) 1x12x17.5kg

    Behind neck band pull aparts 2x12

    Shrugs with weight plate:2x10x20kg each side

    Side Bridge (10 sec/side) 3x 30 secs each side

    Band resisted shoulder rotations 2x15

    3x30 criss crosses
    3x30 bicycles

    3x8x15kg weighted crunches

    Also did a 60 min dance class tonight, sweated it up!

    Happy with my progess so far, feeling far stronger than I was when I started. Ill never give less than my best, my all, 110% all the way. Never ever ever give up

    Food wise, I hit approx 1700 calories today, and energy was much better for it.
    Hope all is well with all of the AM folks

  3. Awesome workout this morning! Arms are jacked to the max, and abs are coming out ... Soccer training tonight, n details asap

  4. This morning's workout:
    Standing Over Head Press: Maximum testing
    then pushed out one rep at 30kg (started at 17.5kg)

    Pull Ups 1x maximum reps
    did 10x15kg assisted, 2 unassisted

    Barbell Shrugs 1 x 10 with a 20kg plate each side

    Close Grip Pull Down 1x12x30kg

    Dumbbell Curl 1 x 12 x7.5kg each hand

    Rear deltoid DB raises 2 x 12x5kg each hand (started at 2.5kg)

    Prone Bridge March 2 x 10

    Face Pulls 2 x 3x17.5kg(started at 12.5kg)

    Band Resisted No-Monies 2x15

    Enjoyed this a lot, felt awesome pushing myself to the limit, and I plan to keep on going!

    On a serious note, for all of those in the US affected by the Boston bombing tragedy, my thoughts and condolences are with you and your families during this awful ordeal..

  5. Just finished one of the most focused workouts I've ever done. Feeling strong in body and mind, like I can take on the world ....smashed legs this morning, details tonight

  6. Good stuff
    ...::: Olympus Labs Athlete & Representative :::...
    Crossfit - DEMIGOD -

  7. Quote Originally Posted by runner_79 View Post
    Good stuff
    Thanks , keen to keep on going n pushing as hard as I can to get stronger

  8. Another killer workout this morning, shakey legs after squats ... Details of both yesterdays and todays workouts very soon!!

  9. just thought I would say that your name Kelley rhymes with smelly...

    aka Smelly Kelley
    ...::: Olympus Labs Athlete & Representative :::...
    Crossfit - DEMIGOD -

  10. Quote Originally Posted by runner_79 View Post
    just thought I would say that your name Kelley rhymes with smelly...

    aka Smelly Kelley
    Haha good one lol log of my brand new workout (thank you Chris ) coming tonight, day one yesterday, was awesome! Stay tuned for new prs n exciting achievements


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