my training routine while on PH cycle

  1. my training routine while on PH cycle

    hi everyone, this is my schedule that i planned when i start my cycle so I need some advise and adjust.
    PH > ultradrol + trenazone

    day 1 - Chest +tricep
    day 2 - Back + bicep hiit in the morning
    day 3 - Leg + Calves
    day 4 - Shoulder + trap + abs
    day 5 - Arm +grip
    day 6 - rest
    day 7 - HIIT sprint 4 times which take around 15 minutes

    Diet is in checked 40-40-20 which protein is around 1-1.5 gram per 1 pound
    sleep 7 hours

    is this gonna make me overtrain according to hiit, its gonna cost me a lot for recovery

    so what do you guys think about this.

  2. need more info. how many sets, what you are doing...etc. to me, and this is just my preference, that looks like alot for 4 days straight. if you can hit the gym hard 4 days in a row for 4 weeks then go for it, but i couldnt do it. i would have to have my rest day after 2 days, 3 days tops.
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  3. how many sets of each? at what intensity? how much rest?

    i dont know much about steroids when it comes to the difference between them. i already train movements/parts at least twice a week. so if i were on juice i would train more frequently. i'd probably do full body every day. i would milk that juice for everything it is worth on increased work capacity and increase recovery.
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