Where do you think is the best place to work out??

  1. Post Where do you think is the best place to work out??

    I'm taking a poll and see where everyone trains. Whether its a local gym, a nationwide/franchise gym, a bench/weights in your home or basement, training outside, whatever! Where you train and why!
    Progress leads to success.

  2. I go to a local YMCA. I joined with my girlfriend because she wanted to start working out. Needless to say she's not around anymore but I continue to hit the weights every day. It's probably the closest place to me with the best workout equipment.

  3. I've been training at my country club gym. It sucks because there's no squat rack, but I broke my heel 2 months ago so I cant really train legs anyway. I'm just now able to ride the bike and that's helping my foot get stronger.

  4. The gym I train folks at. It is free so there's enough reason in itself. It is also a YMCA so it has a different atmosphere compared to larger gyms like la fitness etc.

    But in all honesty on my days off I train at dingy small gyms/hole I'm the wall type places. I love my solitude and these places really suit me better.

  5. All the strong man training video's in my log are from here: http://www.lightning-fitness.net/

    Probably the only reason worth living in Connecticut was to train at Lightning.


  6. Its well worth the trip, and its pretty centrally located.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ZiR RED View Post
    Its well worth the trip, and its pretty centrally located.
    That's about four hours from me here north of Philly, sounds great though!
    Progress leads to success.

  8. i workout in my 1.5 car detached garage, and at a small private gym in a nearby town.

    in december a powerlifting gym opened and i worked out there once. i might do some drop ins once and a while as they have some equipment i dont.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.


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