Some input please...

  1. Some input please...

    I just joined and wasn't sure the best place to post this so I guess it's going here. I've always enjoyed lifting but I just started taking it seriously over the last 3 months. The thing is, I need to cut down. I'm 22, 6'2" and 260 lbs. I want to cut 30 lbs but I don't want to lose the muscle I've built while doing it. I lift 5 days a weeks and do the Insanity video work out 6 days a week. I've been eating very healthy as well but my low caloric intake worries me as far as muscle goes. Does anyone know of any supplements or have an tips to help me keep or even build muscle while cutting?

  2. I think if you keep lifting the same weights & keep your protein intake high you don't have to worry about losing muscle. A muscle shouldn't atrophy as long as it's being worked. That said, fat is potentially stored everywhere in a person's body, so dropping fat may make your muscles *look* smaller. As long as your strength stays up though your muscle should remain where it is.

  3. thats sort of what I was hoping. My Strength is actually going up so I'd say im good. I figured id give a little more background on myself. Junior Year of High school I weighed in at 386 lbs. Im going to post a picture of me then and now. I was down to 235 at one point but with no muscle mass. I have a naturally big and wide build but im hoping to lose a lot of my stomach and side fat from cutting and then I will continue to build upName:  big me.jpg
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  4. Through heavy lifting, you will lose more and more fat. Building more muscle, putting those muscles under work, burns more and more calories. If you do a combination of HIIT/Heavy Lifting/Rep Ranges, you should be able to retain muscle mass if not grow, as well as drop BF%. Diet will be the main source of direction your body takes. You'll need a drastic drop in eating but sufficient enough to grow muscle. High protein, clean foods, consistency throughout the day with meals and proper planning of your supplementation (protein shakes, etc...)

    I could be wrong, but this is my understanding on the subject. Continue with Gym, incorporate cardio(you wont run the risk of losing muscle as you have plenty of fat surrounding it), and eat very healthy.
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    this is what I'm working with at the moment

  6. oh well yeah keep going. Build muscle, Cardio (preferably not right after lifting, possibly split AM/PM), proper diet. You can read up here on various cardio techniques, i personally hate cardio with a passion and try to supplement with as much lifting as I can. I do treadmill, slight incline, 30 min, 3.5-4.0 speed 2-3 times a week.
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