Need exercises to build upper and inner pecs

  1. Need exercises to build upper and inner pecs

    Whats a good exercise to build this area? im probably lacking genetically. Im doing Incline hammer strenght bench with a close grip and incline flyes on a machine . i work out alone and in limited time frames so /i need something machine oriented if possible. also due to shoulder injuries, real incline benchs are tough for me right now. Im also doing the incline Leverage bench machine. thanks

  2. Some guys have virtually no cleavage because their pecs both grow together at the middle. Other guys have great cleavage because both pecs are clearly separated by the sternum and then there are those that are in between. You can not change your genetics so you have to work with them.

    overall chest mass will give ya the cleavage you sson as the chest thickens up, the inner mass will be there

    Get on the pec deck machine, and put the seat at the lowest possible position so when you do the exercise, your elbows are level with your ears.
    Stick your chest out and arch your back.
    Put your chin in your chest.
    Do the exercise that way, emphasising the negative.

    If no joy, use Syntherol.

    This was STOLEN from another board

  3. thanks but....

    whats syntherol?

  4. heheh synthol is fake muscle hehe... its oil injected into the muscle little bits at a time over a certain period... its lame tho... dont bother...

    So far as pec work; i had big problems until I really started switching it up...
    I was doing the same exercises for a long time... so what I did was drop all the big compounds I was doing at the time and switch over to some different compounds...

    nowadays i have two different versions of the same workout day.... where the exercises are switched up constantly.... then after about 8-10 weeks I make a change in reps/frequency/volume/intensity, etc and change the exercises again...

    its worked quite well; my chest has grown considerably... i do 2 big compounds at low reps at the moment... like 5-6 reps for 3 or 4 sets of volume, then i finish my chest off with an isolation exercise like that hammer strength machine and some type of flyes, 2 sets of each for higher reps, 8-10

  5. underhand cable flyes really did wonders for me developing specifically that area (upper/inner pecs)

  6. The pec is one muscle, the upper and inside of your chest will grow with time. You need to concentrate on getting fairly strong first IMO. I had to gain a considerably amount of muscle before my clevage started to build, it all comes with time. Dont forget you need to EAT, more often then not the problem is in a persons diet not in the exercise choice.


  7. Dips, Cable Fly's, Slow eccentric and concentric, low bf%
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    low bf%
    Ditto this.

  9. As Deano explained, the Pectoralis major is one muscle. Under the pec major, their lies an elaborate makeup of external intercostal muscles and the Pectoralis minor,as well as the anterior Deltoid. Basically you are dealing with a network of muscles that are all involved in growth...which takes time. Unless you have been training for 12+ years it sounds to me that you need a base...which means proper diet, sleep, proper form when doing exercises...ect. After all this is pec development will be had...Oh and that means working the triceps...atagonist muscles in the back...deltoids...and even biceps...oh and to have the chest you want...working the legs is needed for core support...What I am saying takes more than just the get the desired look. Try Beans workout...change is a good thing..that means change the rest of the body as well...Goodluck!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    Dips, Cable Fly's, Slow eccentric and concentric, low bf%
    There ya go. Plus don't worry about it as much. As long as you have proper form and are doing quality exercises that will come in. At least that is what I have found in my experience as an ecto with bad pec development.


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