I am going to start IF next month, looking to cut through the spring. I am going to do the early morning fasted workout template, with my feeding window starting around 11AM and ending 7PM. I work out 4 days a week, at 5AM, and I am going to use the aminos as outlined on the leangains site.

My question is this: I only have an hour at most to train in the morning, and only 4 days a week. This cannot change. I am doing a 5-3-1, and it fits perfect. My problem is adding cardio, something I usually do this time of year, not only for the extra fat loss, but for conditioning purposes. I would prefer to do my cardio on the same days I lift, so I can have true off days with no training. I am planning to add my cardio sessions in the evening on 3 of my 4 training days, around 5 to 530PM. How should I plan my meals accordingly? I had this in mind, a small meal 30 minutes prior, say a banana and a little protein (or aminos, I dunno?), and then another protein meal after as my last meal of the day.

Oh, I forgot to add my diet will consist of moderate carbs on training days (most coming in my first meal of the day), and very little carbs on off days.