Best cardio pace and time

  1. Best cardio pace and time

    What is the best cardio speed and time for fat loss?

  2. Could anyone help me with my worry

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gspyropo View Post
    What is the best cardio speed and time for fat loss?
    HIIT for 15-30 mins seems to have the greatest effect in studies on 24 hour calorie expenditure
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  4. depends on who u ask and how much time u have

    layne norton likes hiit because it will continue to burn fat....he says low intensity will also burn fat but in a short period of time will become less effective
    i also like the idea of hiit training if you don't want to spend all day in the gym doing cardio

    however i know people who swear by low intensity cardio, they say doing something like walking at an incline allows them to burn fat while maintaining muscle and not burning it off
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  5. Do whichever you find most enjoyable.
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    • HIIT builds fitness faster. 30 min @ 60% vs 10x4 @ 90% w/ 2 min rest. Aerobic capacity increased by 13%, fat burning capacity up by 36%, and key aerobic enzymes increased by 25%
      • Journal Applied Physilogy, 102: 1439-1447, 2007

    • High intensity weight training boosts blood sugar control.
      • Strength training increases fat metabolism by stimulating beta-adrenic receptors – cell structures that make adrenaline and increase metabolism and fat use.
      • Improves blood sugar metabolism
      • Univ. of Montana, led by Andy Miller showed that high intensity/low volume weight training promoted better blood sugar regulation than low intensity/high volume work.

    • Journal Strength Conditioning Research, 21: 330-335, 2007
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  6. οκ i am doing 50' cardio on a treadmill at 17km/h approximately 16km is it ok ?or is it too much..??

  7. i used to run a few miles every day as a newb and with my tall frame I just lost mass all over. It was a big waste of time.

    HIIT is far superior to long cardio sessions if you want to burn fat and keep muscle. It made a HUGE difference and I'll never go back. I get done in 1/3 of the time now too. Sprinting uphill in intervals is king.


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