Mass and Strenght Routines? Anyone

  1. Mass and Strenght Routines? Anyone

    my goals are to bulk with doing mass and strenght lifting routines and just curious if you guys have any really good routines for it that you could share withy me ...thanks

  2. Starting strength, all pro's, bill Starr 5x5, 5/3/1, PHAT, FST-7, GVT, doggcrapp, cube method, liveFit, y3t, there's so so so many. Just pick one and research it a bit.

    If you haven't lifted long though, I suggest starting strength or Bill Starr's 5x5.

  3. How long have you been lifting?

    And if strength along with mass is your goal, I'd avoid routines like German Volume Training.

    Assuming you are an experienced lifter, DoggCrapp is a good one, look in to Big Beyond Belief as well.

  4. i have been lifting for 3 1/2 years and i want strength but my ultimate goal is to bulk

  5. well fukin pick do you wanna powerlift or bodybuild? look into madcows 5x5 if youre repping 300 on real squats. if not, do stronglifts

  6. Build strength first and then use it to bulk.

    Think about benching 150 pounds for reps vs. 250 pounds for the same reps. Which do you think will build more muscle?

    Madcow 5x5 has been mentioned and is my favorite strength template. Use it or another strength plan until you are lifting decent weight, then switch to a bulking routine.

    What are your numbers? Squats, deads, bench and overhead?

  7. 5'9, 165lbs
    squat- 310
    dead- 195

  8. Wrong Thread. Edit:::

  9. I think a 5x5 might be a good place to start. Look up a few and pick the one that sounds best. Then eat like a horse.

  10. 5x5 or DC. i LOVE dc training
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by 8ATHLETE
    5'9, 165lbs
    squat- 310
    dead- 195
    those lifts dont even make sense. partial squat ftw?

  12. ^ that's what I'm thinking. Or he's just lost on how to deadlift.

  13. I would go with a 5x5

  14. Check into PRRS. Power Rep Range Strength.

    Been doing it for over a month now and seeing great results.
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by PumpHouse View Post
    ^ that's what I'm thinking. Or he's just lost on how to deadlift.

    I am betting partial squat. In which case 5x5 or starting strength might be a good idea, squatting 3 days a week. Start much, much lighter, learn form and do a full squat.

  16. I really enjoyed 5/3/1. Brought my strength up almost 75 pounds on DL's and Squats. Bench went up about 45 and Overhead Press went up a solid thirty. Just do your research, and pick whatever you think suits your body type best.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by kbayne View Post
    Check into PRRS. Power Rep Range Strength.

    Been doing it for over a month now and seeing great results.
    Power rep range shock**

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Jiigzz View Post

    Power rep range shock**

    Good fix.. thanks dude
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