Foam Roller (Pain in Left Quad For Months)

  1. Foam Roller (Pain in Left Quad For Months)

    Sup fellas..

    Quick question, about 2 months ago I experimented with a foam roller, I used it on my hamstrings, glutes, and quads. I only did this once, fast forward two months, I still have pain in my left quad (Vastus Lateralis/ rectus femoris area) from doing this.

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    It feels as if it's bruised, like some one gave me a good punch to the quad. It's more annoying than anything else, basically it feels as if my left quad never heals. So I go into leg day and my left quad is still sore while the other one is fresh.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Should I try rolling it again or maybe a few time a week?


  2. Definitely foam roll the hell out of it. That lateral side hurts enough as is rolling without an injury so its gnna hurt like a biotch.. You can try swithing form a more hip dominant style squat to a more quadricep dominant

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