Workout for Over Fifty Lifter w/ 1 Hour Limit

  1. After reading tons of workout routines here I find little information about lifting routines for over fifty lifters with 1 hour per day time limits.

    I've been lifting seriously for over 5 years in my home gym. I've been somewhat successful in that I've increased mass from 125 to 162 in that time. Problem is that I've reached a plateau and stagnated using my old routines.

    Please help me put together new lifting routines keeping in mind that I want to keep workouts limited to 1 hour and performed 7 days a week. Time constraints and demands make this impossible to change.

    Here are my pyramid type routines that I use now:
    Day 1: BB Flat Bench
    145x10,165x5,185x5,205x5,225x5 ,245x1,225x5, 205x5,185x5,165x5,145x10

    Day 2: Squat
    145x5,165x5,185x5,205x5,225x5, 195x5,185x5

    Day 3: BB Curls
    70x5,80x5,80x5,90x5,90x5,100x5 ,100x5
    Close Grip BB Bench
    145x10,165x8,185x6,205x5,185x5 ,165x5,145x5

    Day 4: BB Incline Press
    145x5,165x5,175x5,185x5,175x5, 165x5,155x5

    Day 5: Standing Press
    85x10,95x5,105x5,115x5,125x5,1 35x1,115x5, 115x5

    Day 6: Weighted Dips
    165x10, +50x8,+50x8,+75x8,+75x8,+75x8
    Close Grip BB Bench
    145x10,165x8,185x6,205x5,185x5 ,165x5,145x5

    Day 7: BB Rows
    185x5, 185x5, 195x5, 195x5, 195x5

    I do add miscellaneous abdominal work from time to time along with concentration work on muscles I feel are lagging.

    As you can see these are pretty boring and limited. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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  2. stronglifts or madcows 5x5. 45 minute strength based routine good to go. itll really help you catch up your squats too. you shouldnt be benching more than your squat. unless you have arthritis or something that makes squats really hard on you

  3. Your warmup should really include a host of mobility, corrective and activation exercises. Aside from that, lifting at 50 so long as you have the experience and you are conditioned isn't much different from lifting at 40 or 30, etc. The only difference will be keeping an eye on recovery and potential injuries, as they can get out of hand a little quicker as you age, and not inducing excessive muscle damage as it MAY cause muscle fiber necrosis if you do not have as large a pool of stem cells as a younger man.

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