Burned out

  1. Burned out

    Does anyone else get burned out or frustrated because you can't get to a certain point or have reached a certain weight but the holidays messed it up and u lost it? Any advice on what to do?

  2. Deload. Take a 'break' from whatever your diet is. Realize that your goals are still achievable but life is more important. Every now and then I get so bored and tired of watching everything I eat, even with cheat meals.

    Once you take a deload, enjoy yourself with a normal diet for a few days, it's easy to get mentally geared up for it again.

    I'm assuming your goals are fat loss? Now might be the time to look at your training and diet and see what needs to change, if anything. Are you still making progress?
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  3. No not fat loss I want to gain more weight I was at 210 before Christmas but now I'm at 206 I can't seem to get it back I think I just lost water weight though

  4. Ah well I know exactly how you feel. It took me forever to break 200. I stopped worrying about macro ratios and timing my meals. I ate when I was hungry and ate a lot, simple as that. I do get tired of plowing food though so every now and then I'll take it easy for a few days and it gives me a rest mentally.
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  5. I agree it seems like I gain better if I just eat when I'm hungry and if I don't feel like eating and I need to ill just take a protein shake I know exactly how you feel

  6. Took me forever to reach 200 also. It just takes time and patience dude. I'm sure everyone feels this way at some point and time.

    Just reevaluate your diet, training, and rest.

    I know people say diet, training, and rest are all you need and they are correct, but if those are down then supplements can help put on weight along with other factors.
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  7. yes when it happens I always change my workout It does not matter if its holidays or not I always hit the gym


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