Goal Setting

  1. Goal Setting

    When it comes to goal setting how specific do you get?

    Do you write down your goals, are they specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely? Or do you use some other way to draw yourself into the future you?

  2. someone who writes down their goals are more likely to succeed with them.....i had a professor in college who was big on setting goals, the way he explained it is.....set a big goal, so for example over the next six months i want to gain 20lbs or whatever, but reaching goals is more gratifying, so you'd take the big goal and break it down into smaller ones...so for example month 1 i want to gain 4 lbs...then if u reach that goal, u've not only accomplished something but it's also a good start onto the bigger overall goal

    this way you have something to strive for more often and is much more realistic and measurable in the short term
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  3. I always set goals that are obtainable. Whether that be to gain x amount of weight, get "cut" etc; and then number goals. When I started really loving lifting I set a basic 4 plate bench, 6 plate squat, and 8 plate dead. Now the goals have changed.

    A long time one was to do a muscle up but never got the movement down and now I cant do pull ups as good anyways(gained about 30lbs since then). Maybe one day.

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  4. Is get Abs to show by summer a sufficiently clear goal.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by makingwaves View Post
    Is get Abs to show by summer a sufficiently clear goal.
    Thats an attainable goal. What's your bf%. And when you say show.. exactly what do you mean?

    But I believe people should have goals whether it be for strength, mass, cutting, etc. But like you said, the goals should realistic and have a well set time frame.
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  6. Here is how I set goals with my clients (and what I teach in some of my classes).

    We use a top-down goal setting approach. That is, we first set the overall goal. This might be bench press 400 pounds, a competition weight/bF%, certain measures of speed, power, endurance...etc.

    We then set intermediate goals. These are generally monthly, or training cycle based. And they are usually performance based goals.

    Next are goals for the phase of training. I generally program in block format, with blocks lasting 3-4 weeks, so we set specific performance goals for each block. Increase bench press by 5 pounds, for example.

    Finally we set short term goals. These goals are on a weekly basis and even on a workout basis. What is the goal of the workout. For higher level athletes they are outcome goals (such as lift X weight) for personal training clients they are usually process goals (complete all workouts for the week with full effort, etc.)



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