Inner chest

  1. Inner chest

    Anyone know of good dumbbell and/or barbell exercises that will target the inner chest. Or I should say, the inner area of the chest?

  2. Best way your going to hit the inner chest is by squeezing. There's really no one exercise specifically for the inner chest. Machine flyes, cable flyes , dumbell flyes would hit it good if the contraction is good enough.
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  3. there isn't a way to target the inner chest. the fibers attach there and to the outside/shoulder, with no joints inbetween. there isn't any way to get one section of the muscle to get more activity than the other. You can target upper pecs separately from lower to an extent because they tie into the clavicle, but still every chest exercise hits both upper + lower chest just how much it hits each is a little variable.

  4. Thanks fellas.

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