Joint support?

  1. Joint support?

    So when doing squats whether its heavy weight or high volume my knees start to hurt a bit after . Sometimes they crack when they bend too. I go below parallel so how a squat should be done but is that killing my joints? Would joint support for my knees help out a bit? I'm only 19 btw and I feel like I shouldn't have to use joint support but I'm just being pre cautious.

  2. First of all you need to be absolutely sure your form is in check,I used to have extreme joint and knee issues and came to find out is was mainly due to incorrect form.i learned correct form and fixed it,but for me it did not help fully,I have found a joint support to be very helpful,I actually never knew how much it would help until I started using them myself.maybe check out SNS Cissus xt,good product at great price!
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  3. i agree with checking form but i use fish oil and our joint support "flexible" and over all my joints feel better.

  4. Oh forgot,fish oils are very beneficial and help greatly as well,but sometimes are just not enough as in my case!
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    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  5. i would think its from the knee buckling when you go for new weights. happens to everyone. you can try knee wraps but dont wrap them too tight. i also heard joint force was pretty awsome. i was thinking of trying some in the next month. and dont lock out on squats or deads


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