Deadlift questions

  1. Deadlift questions

    Lately Ive been combining squats with deadlifts in order to bring my leg development up to speed. Ive been doing this routine for 3 weeks now whereas I was typically only deadlifting.
    That being said I like to use the trap bar but recently started adding straight bar deads after trap bar. An example would be yesterday's workout;
    Squats. 285x5 (I'm including the weight of the bar on all exercises)
    Trap bar 450x4
    Straight bar deadlift 315x4

    It took me months to improve my squats and straight bar deads and I've seen my weights go up without injury so my question is; Is it redundant to perform both types of deadlifts and should I keep squats in the same workout? Thanks in advance.

  2. I do not think you should do both types of deadlifts the same day. I would pick one style for that day and then maybe do the other one the next workout (straight bar is way more useful IMHO though). And with squats being the same day, a problem you could come across is lower back fatigue. But if it all feels fine and your lower back doesn't feel all burned out then there shouldn't be any other issues with that.

  3. I'm usually against doing squats and deads the same day but I've been following PHAT lately which does have heavy squats and RDLs for 10-12 reps. This has been fine for me, do one real heavy and the other at a moderate resistance. Certainly wouldnt try to powerhouse both in the same day, not happening.

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