problems stiffness

  1. problems stiffness

    I had some knee surgery done last year. I went through rehab and completed that. My leg was feeling good up until today. The weather has been damp and foggy today and I think this weather is bad for my leg. During my lifting session I stretched, I did stationary bike, I did everything possible to loosen up my leg. However, my hamstrings were really really tight. I could not get them to loosen up. It got so bad that I had to end my workout early. What can I do to loosen the hamstrings up?

  2. well there could be a few things you could try. Maybe your not getting enough calcium or magnesium in your diet. You could try cold/heat on the areas and even getting massaged to helped loosen the hamstring.
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  3. what kind of stretch did you do preworkout? static stretching = bad. try dynamic stretches pre, static and self myofascial release post. and try dynamic or smr at home too

  4. I did stationary bike for 5 minutes then I did lunges. Touched my toes. Did seated stretches on the mat bringing my arms to my toes. Usually that's enough but today it wasn't

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