Lose fat while making muscle gains?

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    working on making a diet plan to follow and i take a postworkout shake after my daily workout and a whey protein isolate shake in the morning with breakfeast. Should i start taking anything else?
    Well before we think about taking anything else, lets work on getting your diet in check first. More than welcome to inbox me and we can get one set up for you.
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    Hes an inch shorter than you, and 15 lbs. heavier than you bud. And thanks for all the tips guys!
    really? hes 5'5 and 200lbs? his claims were questioned a while ago by multiple people but refused to provided pics. ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land
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    Concerning this...if I flatten out a waffle is it a pancake?
    well the integrity strength of a waffle surpasses a pancake in all categories but taste, now if you flatten a waffle then its just that, a flat waffle. now french toast on the other hand....
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  4. U forgot op posted that and I see him everyday
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    Quote Originally Posted by bsa View Post
    Hey guys, im sort of new to this whole body building thing. Forgive my noobness but is there any way(or is it possible) to make me some muscle gains while trying to lose some fat and make my abs come out?Im at around 13-15 bf% and would ideally like to go down to 8-10 bf%. My plan was as follows:30 minutes of cardio in the morning before breakfeast on an empty stomach (ive read that is best to eliminate fat),eat on a strictly clean diet (in the making) with 3k cals per day, ab training 2x a week, and 30 minutes of cardio after my daily workout (usually around 7-9pm)I realize there will probably be some things wrong with my plan, so suggestions would be awesome. Thanks for the help!
    Yes, this is entirely possible, ESPECIALLY as a "noob." Your plan needs to be balanced between proper training without overtraining - proper cardio again without over/under doing it - and of course a diet that is geared toward your goal (in general this means higher protein, medium carbs, and medium fats from EFA's). You should post more about your training program and the diet you are thinking of following in order to get even more detailed advice on whether your plan is on point or not!

  6. yeah dude and lay off the chicken wraps from the pizza store lol


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