A.M and P.M

  1. A.M and P.M

    What are your thoughts about working out 2 times a day. Like my situation would be possibly my first half of my workout done AM then finish it after work. Basically 3 lifts AM and 3 lifts PM, I think you'd definitely bring more intensity into the gym but would there be any benefit/disadvantage?
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  2. I did this for about a year or two when I was younger and had no problems with it. just make sure your diet is really on point.

    The only real problem I have with it though is that you basically start living at the gym, and your whole schedual starts revolving around getting to the gym.
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  3. Gets really old quick. Yes, more intensity and possibly more weight moved, but you also have to ramp up your sympathetic nervous system and drive your CNS twice as often.

  4. I only do this if splitting up weights and cardio. I like weights AM and cardio PM, about 4 days a week. This way the other 3 days can be true off days. Note I only do cardio in the spring and summer.

  5. I was just wondering because the other day I felt like throwing up while doing legs. So I only did half of my workout and finished later after work. Sometimes I'll also be bored and hit the gym twice, with full workouts. It isn't something that I do regularly, I was wondering if there were any advantage or disadvantages to doing so
    I don't go lift, I don't go workout, I don't go train....I go get sexy....sexy as fwuark!!!!!!!!!



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