Some little help,please.

  1. Some little help,please.

    Hi there,
    My first post at AM. Hope your wisdom can help me to process positively.
    I am 17,190 pounds and 6.1 feet.I've been training for nearly seven months. At the beginning I was a high-fat lo-muscle loser.. I cut out for three months with non-intense strength training. Just high rep low density nonsense!
    After cutting down, i reached %8 bf rate. This made me look very skinny.

    That made me obsessive about gaining lean muscle. I fell into deep search of true method of volumaize.

    So as i began with, checked out programs and thought that Jim Stoppani's program could be promising also progressive.
    I gained 5 pounds of muscle and 3 pounds of fat in 12 weeks. By the way it does not work anymore?


    Supps that i use : optimum gold standard 100% whey, optimum bcaa 1000 caps,gaspari qualitine and super pump, universal amino 2700, musclepharm creatine,muscletech cell tech

  2. There are no short cuts. It takes time, and gaining 5 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks are actually pretty good gains.

    Check out west side for skinny bastards by joe defranco. Seems like it woudl fit you well for a pre-fabbed program.


  3. I've been there, man.

    The first and absolutely most important thing that you need to realize is that nutrition is 100% of this game. You can't out train a poor diet, and most guys at 17 either know nothing about the fundamentals of good nutrition or they simply can't afford to do it right so they reach for supplements.

    Supplements are not the answer and are just what they sound like - supplements to a well rounded, healthy diet and training regimen. You're buying the expensive stuff, though, and I'd guarantee that your money would be better spent on healthy foods. I'm talking about lean meats, nuts, healthy carbs, fruits, veggies and the occasional cheat meal. At 17 your metabolism is moving fast. I also know that at 17 it's unlikely that you'll take this advice, but I wish I'd had someone tell me these things then.

    Where did you get the number of 8% for bodyfat? There are a lot of misconceptions out there about which visual ques indicate which BF% levels, so if you didn't have it done with a BodPod or something of that caliber I'd say that number is likely very low.

    As per exercises you need to build your routine around the big lifts. Squatting, deadlifting, benching, overhead pressing...etc. Big compound lifts are going to take you a lot farther than bicep curls and single arm overhead cable extensions on a bosu ball. Look into the Starting Strength program and see if it's something you can work with.

    It's definitely hard to do all these things in high school. I sure as hell didn't, but if you get a good foundation built you'll have set yourself up for a much more productive future under the bar.

    This is all just my advice, so take it or leave it, but hopefully you learned something. Good luck!
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ZiR RED View Post
    There are no short cuts. It takes time, and gaining 5 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks are actually pretty good gains.

    Check out west side for skinny bastards by joe defranco. Seems like it woudl fit you well for a pre-fabbed program.

    I concur on WS4SB, especially for younger and inexperienced lifters.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Thank you so much!
    I generally try to eat healthy with trying to add high amount protein to every meal o'mine.
    Hate junk food and really love fresh fruits
    As you predicted COMPLETELY TRUE, I'm a high-school student and maintaining good marks with good gains is extremely rough. On my exam weeks I cant cant workout and this really hurts.
    I mostly try exercises on program without machines, such like bench press.
    I know nutrition is more important than supplementation, but I cant stop myself about searching new products (it may be about that I'm really interested in chemistry and pharmacology.
    But you were also young and know this feeling, when a steroid-guy (same age) came to gym you really get jealous



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