Thoughts on my workout?

  1. Thoughts on my workout?

    Going for mass and to a lesser degree strength. Please let me know if I should change anything or add/take anything out.

    Bench 3x 5
    Inc Bench 3x 10-12
    Dip 3x 10-12
    Mil Press 3x 10-12
    Plate Raise 3x 10-12
    Tricep P/Down 3x10-12

    Squat 3x 5
    Lunge 2x 8-10
    Leg Curl 3x 8-10
    Leg xt 3x 8-10
    Calf Raise 3x 12-15

    DL 3x 5
    Pullup 3x failure
    Bent over Row 3x 8-10
    Lat P/Down 3x 8-10
    Bbell curl 3x 10-12
    Hammer curl 3x 10-12


  2. I'd say you should add in some more hamstring work or at least replace the leg curl with something a little more beneficial. Maybe Good Mornings or some stiff leg deads. Also, some direct work for the upper back/rear delts would be nice.

    Looks fairly solid though. Enjoy.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  3. Thanks Doss, Ive got tight as f*ck hammies so I usually opt out of the SLD's because my ROM isnt very good.....but I suppose incorporating them will improve it. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Add in hip extension hamstrinng work and take out the knee flexion hamstring work; things like RDL's, stiff legged deads and good mornings are ideal.

    If your hammys are tight... then stretch them,

  5. Horizontal flexion: Horizontal extension bare minimum should be 1:1 other wise your asking for postural issues. Program needs to be taken back to the drawing board for other reasons as well.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by NYiron View Post
    Horizontal flexion: Horizontal extension bare minimum should be 1:1 other wise your asking for postural issues. Program needs to be taken back to the drawing board for other reasons as well.
    Care to elaborate on the other reasons?

  7. Upper body issues:
    1 Horizontal extension to flexion ratio
    2 ADLs and your pressing constitutes the replacement of the plate front raise
    3 Not a fan of loaded hyperextension of the shoulder. Dips, others will argue against this but a quick look at GH anatomy will steer you toward other means of achieving shoulder flexion
    4 Abundance of lat work, while not detrimental if the program is balanced, in your situation, concerning the HE:HF, it most likely will contribute to potential postural issues due to the insertion of the lats.
    5 Elbow flexion:extension
    Lower body issues:
    1 Drop the leg curl/ext biomechanics of a distally loaded knee are less than ideal
    2 You haven't covered hip (ab)adduction
    3 11 upper body dominate exercises (bench/millitary depending on form could be argued but even then its just isometric assistance) to 6 lower body dominate exercises

    Whats your plan for progression, overload, periodization?
    Why the set ranges (3 sets of squats but a cumulative 6 sets of bicep curls)?
    Why the specific rep ranges?
    What is your relative intensity at each rep range for each exercise?
    Cardiovascular exercise?
    Flexibility ROM/Mobility work?
    Corrective Exercise for preexisting issues? And if you don't have any presenting yet you will. Our bodies begin establishing flawed movement patterns as soon as we begin to move as infants. We all start with a clean slate but ADLs, imbalances, weakness and asymmetry all take hold at some time or another its our job to do our best to combat flawed movement patterns with exercise.
    Assistance abdominal work? Please do not say sit-ups. Im sure theres a few other things I'm missing but those are the stand outs.

  8. Cheers for the feedback NYiron....quite detailed, will take it on board


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