Triceps sore to the touch

  1. Triceps sore to the touch


    I am 38 - 5.10 187lb 12-14 bf - w/o for 4 yrs regularly. I recently started a pre W/o after not using any for a month. Went In to the gym to do a Tri wo and had a great day of it. Great pump and focus. My question is - the muscles are sore to the touch 3 days later. I normally work them hard but this time I feel as I might have overworked them. Opinion? And is it a bad thing?

  2. I wouldnt be worried about it. Try some low weight high rep stuff or foam roll the tris. I bet it will make them feel much better.
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  3. What pre workout product did you use?

    Something with ArA such as Hemodraulix would cause intensified soreness.
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  4. 1 MR.... I was thinking that the pump from using the pre could have attributed to the soreness after I did my normal routine ,my only real concern is the thought of overworking and effecting growth and healing time for the muscle. I will look at the ingredient.

    Thanks for the input .

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