Your thoughts on this split

  1. Your thoughts on this split

    Mon: legs
    Tue: shoulders ( light chest)
    Wed: back
    Thr: arms
    Fri: rest
    Sat: chest ( light shoulders)
    Sun: back

  2. Oh yeah forgot to mention on cycle

  3. kinda hard to gauge it without the numbers and exercises. but just to throw something out there, everything on your upper body is hit at least twice and your lower body is only hit once. idk the exact routine, but normally that would be a flag to me

  4. Your shoulders are taking a beating. I'd prefer hittin legs twice a week also. Hamstrings one day, quads the other, or focus on deads one day and squats the other. Check out Layne Nortons PHAT, it allows you to hit everything twice a week.
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  5. The reason is my legs is the biggest part 30 inches circumfrence and I am currently training this
    Mon: legs
    Tue: shoulders ( little chest)
    We'd: back (am ) arms (pm)
    Thr: legs
    Friday: rest
    Sat: chest (little shoulders)
    Sun: back

    Not trying to be an arm douche but I really need the brought up

  6. I think the set up is fine if you are monitoring fatigue and are recovering ok. Next question is what exercises are you using, what is your set,rep,rest,intensity scheme, and how do you plan to periodize it?

  7. like mentioned hard to gauge without exercises listed, but make sure your getting your rest for recovery. My body responds great to having a day off in the middle of the week for recovery, but everybody responds differently.
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