Please comment on my GVT leg day!

  1. Please comment on my GVT leg day!

    Hi all, I'll start off by stating I'm not a novice as I have been training off/on for 20 years. With that being said I am always learning and open to new ideas and opinions, I know that this routine may be pretty standard but I would like to share and maybe facilitate new ideas. Now that I'm 35yo I have recently decided to really mix it up and try different discipline's. Tried CF for a few weeks and thought it was good for a new kind of burn, It helped me realize that my cardio was lacking so after deciding the CF craze really wasn't for me I did re-introduce more cardio into my regimen. I also Mountainbike pretty consistantly (2-3 times per week in the summer and once a week in the winter), It helps me stay lean and keeps the legs young.

    I primarily train with bodybuilding as my main focus. Focus primarily on compound lifts and usually switch it up every 5-6 weeks or so. Throughout the course of my career in the gym I have seen some pretty acceptable PR's imo given I primarily maintain weight between 188-208 summer/winter respectively.

    BP 405, Raw squat 515, 525 dead lift. Never used straps or gloves.

    Now those are PR's. More recently, I rarely go above 245 BP, 365 squat and 315 dead lift. Again focusing more on hypertrophy than anything else.

    Back in October my partner an I were just experimenting with box squats. We set up the box in the squat cage so that it is just at parrallel. We threw 225 on the bar and did probably 5-6 sets just calibrating and figuring out foot position and focusing on form. We then added rubber bands and anchored them to the cage and popped them over the bar ends and did 2-3 sets more. I'm not sure of which bands they are (they're purple/maroon and about 1.75" wide) but I know at full extention or lock out they are extremely tought.

    So we decided we were going to change our leg day for a few months and just do these banded box squats 10 sets of 10 starting at 225 and add 10 pounds a week until we can do 315 10x10 Hoping to get there before Xmas. With the exception of Thanksgiving week we have done exactly that. Tommorow is 315 day and we are pretty stoked. Last weeks 305 wasn't as difficult as I was expecting but wasn't a walk in the park either.

    When we started we were finishing the 225 10x10 in about 12-15 min. Last weeks 305 we completed in just over 35 min. Obviously there is a drop off in endurance but I feel that's to be expected.

    So what do you think of this routine? long term i would like to do it again, however we are going to take a break after tomorrow. My intention is to just go back to traditional A2G squats 3-4 sets and see if there has been any improvement.

    For the record after our 10x10 (which doesn't include 3 warm up sets) we do either 1 lap around the track (1/4mile) of walking lunges (body weight) usually stopping 5-6 times so it's 5-6 sets or we will do 4 sets barbell (135) lunges. and then calves. After that the lactic acid is flowing pretty well and I'm pretty much garbage.

    If anyone is interested in my opinions so far I can say this.

    My legs have gone through a pretty nice recomp, Seeing that it seems to take 4 days or so before my legs fully recover especially with trying to fit in a 5 mile run as well as mountain biking once a week. My glutes have tightend up dramaticaly and i noticed my jeans fit a little better, a little looser in the ass and tighter in the thigh. lol.

    As far as my biking goes I noticed I am creating a tremedous amount of torque lately with each pedal stroke, an added advantage when racing or doing anything single track down hill.

    And finaly My split is pretty simple:

    Monday: Chest/Calves
    Tuesday: Back/Hams/Abbs
    Wednesday: Quads/Glutes
    Thursday: Shoulders/Calves
    Saturday: Off
    Sunday: Off

    Will mountain bike sat or sun depending on weather.

    This whole split will be changing soon as we will be adding Saturday as a gym day and taking Thurs off.

    I'm open to all comments or opinions.

  2. 315 today. It was rough but we got it done. Doesn't seem anyone gives a crap anyway lol.

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