1. GVT

    Anyone have any experience with GVT? I have never used the method before and I was thinking of switching it up for a couple weeks. Any thoughts?

  2. I've used 8x8 with 10-15 second rest intervals. It's a great switch up for a few weeks like u said. I noticed extreme soreness, increases muscle density and fat loss. It's definitely NOT a strength or pure mass program.. I'm gonna be using 10x10 with 1 minute rest for 3-4 weeks in jan, then 8x8 like I said for 2 weeks before going back to a traditional BB program.. It's worth a try IMO, so go for it!
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  3. Thanks. I have been using a kinda custom 5x5 so I have built some really nice strength. So that's why I thought change would be good for a few weeks

  4. I have very little experience with it but here is a thread I made on GVT this morning as well. I'm only doing it for legs right now. Simply put. i like it and think it's imperitive to mix it up. However I could not nor would I recomend this training long term.
    Please comment on my GVT leg day!

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