Lats sore after bench?

  1. Lats sore after bench?

    So about two weeks ago I switched from barbell to dumbbell Bach press.

    I usually do 3 sets of incline. Then 3 sets of flat. 8 reps each.

    Iv noticed that my Lats (latisimi dorsi) are noticeably sore the next day. I know that are stabilizers in pressing movement but they seem to be more sore than expected.

    Is this normal or maybe my form is wrong?

  2. Lats are activated while benching. Since your are doing a different movement you probably just hit them in a way your not used to. I wouldn't worry about it.

    I think how much the lats are activated depends on a particular persons benching "groove". Some people may use the lats more or less depending on this. Maybe someone who knows more about this subject will chime in.

  3. If your lats are sore you are benchin well
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  4. Thanks guys.
    Good to know it's not a bad thing

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