Hello Everyone! I have a question for you guys. I am a 26 year old man who lifted weights for 6 years straight. About 6 months ago I had to stop due to a wrist injury that I believe was a combination of heavy computer use mixed with extended, heavy weight lifting. My right wrist is the worst, while my left wrist is trailing close behind. I've seen my primary doctor and he said I have carpal tunnel. I was then referred to a specialist who then said I do not have carpal tunnel, but central nerve damage in the wrist (you can see the inflamed nerve in my wrist when I clinch my fist.) Anyway, I have more tests pending, but I have questions:

-If anyone has suffered this before, is there a special brace for lifting that alleviates some of the stress on the wrists/hands? When I do exercises such as curls or bench press, I'd like less stress on my wrists.
-Does anyone know of supplements or anything that may help?
-Any other useful tips?

I've changed jobs so I no longer use the computer extended amounts of times. I sleep with a brace on at night, and I rub in an anti-inflammatory cream nightly.

My doctor said I can lift; however, I am scared of further damage. Currently the only pain I get is dumbness when I use the computer too long. Thanks guys.