Need some direction! please share your thoughts

  1. Need some direction! please share your thoughts

    Hey guys,

    So here is my situation. Im going for a bulk using p mag but I am unsure how to split my workout.
    Starting Jan 10th I will be studying for a very important exam that I will be taking March 15th. I need a program that can fit a lifestyle of someone studying ten hours a day.
    I was thinking three full body a week but not sold if I maximize mass gains. I also would love to work out 6 days a week but really can only afford 3 MAYBE 4. As much as I love training, this exam determines my life so it comes first.
    I usually spend an hour in the gym. I wouldn't mind staying longer if I can keep it to 3 days.
    Anyway I figure ill run the pmag for six weeks and pct for four weeks. Looking for some legs and glute mass, back thickness, upper chest, bicep mass (in priority)

    If anyone has any suggestions id greatly appreciate it. Im open to any thing. Thanks

  2. Start your cycle march 16.

  3. Reason?

    Even if I do, id still like to put some size on and need help with a split

  4. how bout start your cycle march 16? if this exam is so important, why cant you just wait 2 more months to start it? that way you can completely focus on your goal. if youre studying 10 hours a day, you probly wont be eating right anyways. thats just what id do. the gymis a very important factor to my life. but if theres some test that will determine my future, the gym can take the back seat for 2 short months

  5. If you start the cycle now you will be more stressed about your training progress and that is not your priority now (atleast untill march 15). Just plan a good cycle for when you have time and energy. There is no reason to rush and you will probably end up loosing all your gains if you have any.

  6. I would even suggest starting later than march 16... if you're focusing that hard on studying you'll probably not be at your plateau on March 15th and therefore won't be getting full effect out of the cycle either, you'll still be making gains you could al naturale.
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