How Screwed Am I After 2 Months Off?

  1. How Screwed Am I After 2 Months Off?

    So i injured my ribs and am taking 2 months off.My diet is MEH im just enjoying time off.Im wondering how much progress i will lose?

    if i was benching 160lbs for 4 sets 7 reps,when i go back think i will be able to do 125lbs for 4 sets 8 reps? more?less?

    my cardio was 30minutes 1 percent incline 1 min 6.3mph 2 min 8.3mph. When i go back think i can do 1min30sec 5.5 and 2 min 7.5 for 31:30? more or less?

    anyway any advice will be appreciated.

  2. U seem to be very exact with what u belive ur abilities will be. personaly i just focus on getting better. u know its going to be a drop so be cool with it. a bud was benching 150kilo then had three weeks off went back and struggled with 120. And he didnt bugger his ribs????? Good luck anyway

  3. thanks im also taking test for trt so idk but i feel i am retaining more muscle than usual. so is 125 a good starting point of lower?

  4. You just lift whatever it is you can lift after 2 months. It won't take long to build back up from whatever deficit you find yourself with but yes, there will be a drop in strength.

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