cutting workout

  1. cutting workout

    hey guys. I'm really looking for a cutting workout. I know cardio and good diet is a big part. but what's a good workout cycle with basic equipment such as: dumbells, bench and squat rack, pull-up bar, rope climb. etc.
    it'd really help me out if I could get a good cutting exercise so thanks guys.

  2. be creative with what you have, changing the exercises, tempos and reps. Since your focus is cutting focus on your diet. Diet is crucial!
    Broser Built Athlete

  3. Is your goal simply to lose weight or are you looking to get into any kind of competition? Your training should be tailored specifically to your personal goals. If it's only to cut fat and maintain muscle you could train any number of ways. How long have you been training and what is your current routine?

  4. I am getting into cross fit competition in a couple months. right now I'm 17 and I'm pretty big for my age. about 6ft and 185lbs. I just want to be primarily be toned and gain strength. I play football and the season just ended so I'm more just big then cut.

  5. Well, get your training down first. Then fuel yourself throughout the day and post workout then taper carbs soyour last meal or 2 contain proteins and maybe some added healthy fats. If you are 185 lbs you should be having about 240-270 grams of protein and depending on how long your workouts are and how intense they are I'm assuming you should be having 185-250 carbs on training days and about 100-150 on your non training days.



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