Compound and Isolation.

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    Compound and Isolation.

    Why should you start off with compound workouts then move to isolation?

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    cause you are only as strong as the weakest link. make it weaker and you dont get as much out of the exercise.


    compound exercises take the most coordination and energy. let use the triceps and the bench press as an example. by working the tricep muscle first with some isolation exercises you fatigue the muscle. then when you do the bench press you cannot press as much weight. some people believe then that the triceps will then work harder. it only feels that way, it actually will work less. overall you will be able to move less weight so the other muscles will not get worked as well either.

    does that make sense?

    in the end you need to do what you need to meet your goals. it is just very unlikely that you will need to do many isolation exercises especially doing them before compound movements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stove
    Why should you start off with compound workouts then move to isolation?
    A great bodybuilding routine will incorporate both isolation and compound movements.
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