Need help on equipment to buy

  1. Need help on equipment to buy

    Hi I was thinking of getting an elliptical machine this christmas so i could do cardio in the morning. Because running outside on the cement hurts my knee's, do you guys think an elliptical machine is just as effective as a treadmill? Or what cardio machine do you think is best?

  2. I really like the ellipical myself.. I seem to put more effort into it than the thread milll but that might just be me

  3. I've got an elliptical and a treadmill. The elliptical seems much better to me, the treadmill gets my calves pumped up way too much while "on". Also, elliptical is much easier on the knees.

  4. agreed, i love the elliptical. low impact is great for my knees.

  5. The elliptical seems to target my thighs a lot better than the treadmill while the treadmill gets my calves much better. Both are effective as long as you're in your target HR.

  6. Ellipticals are great that's almost all I ever use for cardio. Running on track causes too much of a pump on my calves also. Much easier on the joints with the elliptical.

  7. Treadmill all the way. It's funny that you guys say the elliptical is easier on your knees. I have pettalo Femoral Pain syndrome in my left knee and it hurts like hell if I go on the elliptical, on the treadmill I get no pain at all. It just goes to show ya that everyone's different but as it was mentioned above your heart rate is the important part. As long as that is in the target zone it doesn't matter what your doing.

  8. I like the elliptical, but I love the Stairmaster.

  9. If you're ever at a gym just use the treadmill, the hot chicks run on the treadmill, the fat asses use the elliptical, at least that's the way it it in my gym

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs
    I like the elliptical, but I love the Stairmaster.
    Yeah the stairmaster is where its at. My calves were tiny until I started using the stairmaster. I personally like the one that uses a belt of stairs rather than the one that has two pedals that go up and down.

  11. i can't do either. no substitute for real moving scenery (just ****ing RUN!)


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