Starting Strong man 5x5 program

  1. Starting Strong man 5x5 program

    I have an average level of fitness and strength (I think) and I thought it was time to see some real gains in strength and muscle and so I am starting this program and will be increasing the weight each week for 12 weeks. Only exception is that my gym doesn't have a squat rack and so I have to do lighter squats by lifting the bar up over my head. Starting weight is 74.5kg (162lbs approx) see photo (if it works), starting 1RM bench press is a pathetic 80kg, only recently started doing deadlifts and my best so far is a pathetic 120kg and I havnt got the equipment for heavy squats. All supplements purchased and my diet is going good. Wish me luck and any tips/hints welcome. Thanks.

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  2. Good luck, buddy. I got done with a 5x5 routine a few weeks ago and it did some good things for me.

    What kind of supps are you taking? I wouldn't recommend anything other than some protein and possibly creatine if you feel like you need it. I'm sure you've heard/read this, but your money would be better spent on more, quality food. Size comes in the kitchen!

    I think you're going to have trouble progressing too much with 5x5 without a squat rack. It's hard to train with the requisite intensity if you have to clean the bar up and get it behind your head. Plus, I feel like heavy squats and deads complement are synergistic and both need to be trained at high intensity for your numbers to climb.

    My two cents.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  3. Supplements are whey protein, creatine monohydrate, omega 3 and multivitamins. And fridge is well stocked with chicken, eggs and cottage cheese. I might have to invest in a squat rack then, or even squat stands?

  4. Find a new gym, I've been doing 5x5 for nearly four months and I use the power rack for squats and OHP. It will be very difficult to progress with squats without a rack because I guarantee you will not be able to clean your max squat and it will only hold you back.

    Btw, what is that chunk taken out of your chest? Lol **** looks like it was painful

  5. Yes it looks like I will have to in order to get the full benefit out of the program. I have a long way to go .. Hahaha I had an operation when I was 5

  6. I am currently on week 8 of a personalized 5x5 program and this far I have seen some awesome things with my body thus far. Bench is up 225lbs for the first time for 5 reps. Squat is up to 305lbs for 5 reps. Strength and thickness is all around better results then any other program!! Good luck buddy!! EAT!!!! EAT!!!!! EAT!!!!!!

  7. Good luck, 5x5 is great for breaking pleatus

  8. Thanks guys, it's great to talk to a bunch of like minded people. Currently in week 2 of the 5x5 program. But still no squat rack for heavy squats

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Damien111 View Post
    Thanks guys, it's great to talk to a bunch of like minded people. Currently in week 2 of the 5x5 program. But still no squat rack for heavy squats
    What are you doing to supplement your lack of heavy squats? If you have access to a hex bar, I think a hex bar deadlift is about the closest movement I can think of to a squat.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  10. Have you tried throwing in split squats? I know you can't go too heavy since its an ISo but that was addition I have been seeing great results from


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