Upper abdominal pain during pull ups?

  1. Upper abdominal pain during pull ups?

    The last few weeks I have been doing pull ups, my first couple of sets, I get a very sharp pain in my upper abdominal area and its rather intense but subsides in less than 15-20 secs. Could it just be weak abdominal muscles? I've only expierenced it doing machine crunches and that was nearly a year ago

  2. I had the same issue after I ate a nasty knee to the solar plexus and it felt like the tissue was straining while I was fully stretched at the bottom. What I did was stretch the area by elongating my torso and really focusing on strengthening my abs with lots of standing cable crunches.
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  3. Yea I have a decent pain tolerance and I have to sit down for a minute when I feel it. I've never been hit there and don't recall any kind of injury. It may be weak core muscles as I have neglected them in the past.

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