Is there a way to get a better grip when doing close grip curls?

  1. Is there a way to get a better grip when doing close grip curls?

    I have a super curl bar and its great, but with the close grip U part of the bar it's unthreaded. I like doing my regular curls with a wider grip and my reverse curls with a close grip. Is there some sort of gloves I can buy? When I do a reverse wide grip I feel like I want to use more back for some reason, but if I go close I don't have that issue, but since the bar is unthreaded there I loose my grip when my hands get sweaty.

  2. Chalk should do the trick or something called the big back grips.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Philshred View Post
    Chalk should do the trick!
    I would use chalk, but I have to workout in my room where the floor is carpeted and I have my tv and computer in here, so I can't have chalk get into all my electronics.

  4. Check out big back grips then. Should be perfect

  5. I just put hockey tape around the bar. When the tape gets nasty I change it.
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