What percentage of my body weight should a weighted vest be?

  1. What percentage of my body weight should a weighted vest be?

    Never used a weighted vest before but was looking into buying one and doing a BW only routine for a little..ill likely be buying online so I don't want to buy one too heavy. Is there a good percentage of my BW the best should be? I've read 4-8% of my BW but that seems low...

  2. XVest makes vests with 1lb weight.increments. I have one that works well and.would recommend getting whichever you can afford and just putting the amount that you can handle in it and building up.

    I don't think percentage matters so much, and it would be very general. For example, last year I weighed ~140 and used a 40lb vest for pullups/pushups. This was almost 30% of my weight but if you weighed 210 you would so a 65lb vest which is impractical to start with IME.

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