reverse pyramid (kinda)

  1. reverse pyramid (kinda)

    instead of doing, lets say, 12-10-8....have any of you tried 2 warmups then 8-10-12?
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  2. warming up for what? high reps? high weight? high volume?
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. ok, let me re explain:

    lets say your normal routine consists of 3 exercises of 3 sets per exercise of 2 warmup sets then 3 working sets of 12,10,8

    have any of you done 8,10,12 instead of 12,10,8
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  4. yep. kind of.

    i have done 3-5, then 8-12, then 15+.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  5. do you notice any benefits from it vs start light and end heavy?
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  6. we may still be on the wrong page on the idea. starting light and ending heavy to me is a warm up then maxing out.

    what i posted on those reps were to be as fresh as possible to hit the heaviest weights to provide maximal stimulus to the type I fibers. then i lower the weight and up the reps for some hypertrophy stimulation. then lower the weight even more to increase work capacity.

    whether i saw a benefit i could not say as its been way too many years since i have done that type of thing. logically it just makes sense as a superior workout then hitting high reps and fatiguing then trying to hit low reps with a reduced work capacity.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  7. no im not referring to that. nevermind its all good
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  8. Yes.

    Are you referring to literally the Reverse Pyramid Training method like this:

    I used a form of RPT earlier this year and like the idea quite a bit.

  9. exactly.
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  10. I dot the I idea on a MD MAG on of brando curry workout it was with dropsets
    Barbell curls
    The only rest was dropping the weight my arms felt [email protected] pump but it hurt like hell because it followed by
    Lying cable curls
    45 degree db curls
    All drop sets it was only a 4 week program but I 1st 2nd week was cool but week 3 and 4 took a long a$$ time to recover

  11. Mybad I ment 115 6x then 95 8x

    135 Sh!!t almost impresses my self

  12. i just really like the logic. makes more sense than traditional pyramid
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