Insane Calf Cramp!

  1. Insane Calf Cramp!

    Hey guys, I had a peculiar experience in the gym the other day. I was running a warm up lap with a friend (which I haven't done in a while, since I'm bulking) when I started getting a cramp in my right leg. I kept running (as I always have, normally for the cramp to subside) but instead of going away it hit me so hard that I tumbled.

    My leg was in severe pain, and when I grabbed my calf, my calf muscle had literally IMPLODED. The muscle was so contracted that rather than bowing out like a calf muscle is supposed to, it actually bowed in, and I don't mean gradually either, I mean it was crazy noticeable. After a few minutes, it gradually expanded to normal size, and I haven't had any problems since (even on leg day).

    I've never had it happen to me and I haven't heard of it anywhere else, so I was wondering if it had happened to any of y'all.

  2. Something similar happens to me but I wouldn't describe it as imploding lol .. My calf muscle tightens up so hard it's like a rock ,literally, and hurts like hell . I get mine while I sleep sometimes and that's the worst thing to wake up to lol. I get it in other places to my lower jaw an the back of my legs . Someone (not a doctor) once told me it was from a lack of potassium .
    I took this from yahoo answers from a previous nurse:
    It was probably what's called a Charley Horse. Silly name, I know ... but it's a cramp often in the calf, sometimes in the center of your foot, that makes like a knot form in the muscle. Often it's caused by a lack of or a lowered potassium. Try eating a banana each day, or a whole orange ... both of them are high in potassium. You can also get added potassium in dark green, leafy vegetables like spinach or kale, but bananas and oranges are usually more popular (and more portable)

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