Been sick now not sure what program to do

  1. Been sick now not sure what program to do

    Hi all
    Hopefully I put this in the right section. Feel free to move it if its not. Anyways little about me this past August I was my biggest at 6'0 192. I was hospitalized 5 weeks ago for a chronic disease and was there for 2 weeks where I was my lowest of 142. I now sit at 160 after being out for 3 weeks.

    Now that I am feeling better I'm starting to get back to the gym and was thinking of running 5/3/1. My question is basically all the weight I lost was muscle so should I bother trying to run 5/3/1 at this point or should I just lift hard until I get some strength back? The reason I'm questioning running 5/3/1 is because I feel as if my body is still recovering from being sick for so long so everyday I'm feeling stronger. Because of the calculated percentages of this program I feel in say 2 weeks my 1rm will be a decent amount more than what I can do now. For instance a week ago I could barely incline bench 20lb dumbells for 5 reps and yesterday when i did chest again I was able to do 35lb for 5.

    So basically Is there a program you guys would recommend that is more adjustable or should I just run 5/3/1 and adjust my 1 rm every week or two? Hopefully this makes sense if not ill try to explain my situation better. Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. what were youable to dumbell bench before?

    dont wanna be a dick, but those numbers are very low. either you lost a whole bunch of muscle, which is very possible, or you were just skinny fat before

    either way. id say go ahead and design your 5/3/1, but keep it simple and relatively light until you feel you are back to 100%. last thing you want is to get injured or sick while youre still recovering

    personally, id design the program for when im back to normal, but not start it until then. that way you have plenty of time to read up and perfect the routine

  3. Yea I realize 35lbs is really weak lol. I should have specified my max dumbell bench before being sick was 90lb db for 5 reps on my 4th set so I have lost a significant amount of muscle and strength on all my lifts.

  4. I'm gonna take your advice though and design it for my I'm back to 100% that way I can get the full emeritus from the program and run it correctly.

  5. I'd run it now if it was me and just readjust after every cycle

  6. Meant to say full benefits* of the program. Not emeritus

  7. I think you're gonna get full emeritus from it either way lol


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