Need a good program for wrestling and quick strong gains.

  1. Need a good program for wrestling and quick strong gains.

    hey guys whats up, love these forums. but i was wondering if anyone could suggest a half decent program to help me gain quick strong size as ill be wrestling an need to get yoked up. im 160lbs and strong and have 4 years lifting experience, i got solid 2500-3k diet. need more work gettin my protein and such. but ill get it mastered. i will be on some ph on and off just need something new to work with so i came here cause i know you guys are all great with the feed back sorta like my 2nd fam... hahah but yea leave some feedback id appreciate it guys

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  3. I would surround most of your training with compound movements such as deadlift, squat, bench press, leg press, power cleans etc. and work in some isolation exercises. Make sure you are getting nutrition in, very important !
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh

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    That's what I was going to say. Its a great program for overall athleticism and strength.

  5. This needs to be said: wrestling and quick gains are NOT going to happen. You can get stronger and add some LBM, but don't expect a huge change in weight.
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  6. yeah i figured it all out rodja, i got some products for lean mass and my diets specified for lean gains and i was 175-180 last wrestling season so u know why i put it haha and thanks luke ill do just that, pm me a workout if u have time?

  7. You got it man ! I'll send you some workouts
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  8. Rodja nailed it and also...

    Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post

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    ^^^^^ this...over any BB workout any day :/ need power more than looks bro
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  9. And thats exactly what he will be getting.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Luke_PNI View Post
    And thats exactly what he will be getting.
    Never said he wouldn't , besides...that variation is exactly meant for people who practice other sports so that their CNS can keep up with both activities !
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  11. Thats right
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  12. I would take Joe DeFranco's program over one by some dude on a forum personally.

    DeFranco trains professional/collegiate/high school athletes with variations of that program.


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