Dip Belts

  1. Dip Belts

    So, I've been trying to add weight to my chins & dips - finally decided I'm gonna have to invest in a belt of some sort -

    Anybody have recommendations on some good ones?

    How about home-made alternatives?

  2. How about a dumbbell between your legs? Lol

  3. Quote Originally Posted by flaboy727 View Post
    How about a dumbbell between your legs? Lol
    Ever tried hold 135lbs between your legs while suspended? A good dip belt can be bought for ~$30. I have a nylon Harbinger one that I got in '09 and it is still in good shape.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by flaboy727
    How about a dumbbell between your legs? Lol
    Or chains which can also be used for BP, SQ, and DL....

  5. I need a good dip belt too...
    I tried a towel around my waist with a 25lb plate...
    I ready to invest in a nice belt myself. Where can I purchase.
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  6. in my experiences all the gym's i've ever been a member of had atleast one....just look around the gym bins

    chains work well too
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    AM15 for 15% off at Mrsupps.com

  7. Get a regular gym belt(or get one of those lying around the gym)and a chain.

  8. Got mine from EFS. Toss the chain it comes with, and get a longer section at Lowes or Home Depot. Well worth the investment.

  9. This dip belt is really nice. Better than the traditional kind Imo.

  10. Dumbbells work up to a point, but once you get to a decent amount of weight its not gonna work. Start with light dumbbells but also start looking around for a belt.


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