Jumped ahead, now starting over. :\

  1. Thumbs up Jumped ahead, now starting over. :\

    I've retired from the military almost a yr now. I've been hitting the wts pretty good for almost a yr now. I'm also a trainer and instructor. The problem is/was I was not seeing any progress. It was getting to the point of frustration, depression and disappointment. Talked with a friend and got me connected with someone very knowledgeable in wt training. One goal is to compete in the over 50s someday. Have 6 yrs to work on it.

    This monday, I'm starting a heavy lifting program with a specific diet. I'm hoping for the best. I guess I'm puttin this on here for encouragement and any tips/help you can offer. I have other trainer friends who I send things to inspire them, but get nothing in return. Thanks.

  2. the only tip i can offer is dont give up, every gain is a gain, no matter how small

  3. Thanks, I will take it!

  4. don't give up man and maybe get on some juice.

  5. Right now the guy I'm working with is having me lean out before I start to bulk.



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