Joint pain supplement

  1. Joint pain supplement

    I'm going up real fast and it's killing my rotator cuff. Any good supplements for joint help?

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  3. Cissus, chondroitin, glucosamine, fish oil and a diet high in Omega-3s have been helpful to me for joint pain.

    Also, even if you're pretty solid you should do a form check and make sure that everything is looking good as far as form goes. I've found that in attempts to go heavy sometimes form will inadvertently be sacrificed, and although it may get you through a set in the short term, the long term risks are not fresh.

    Good luck, brother.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  4. Look at Airbornes thread, hes got some good joint help supps listed.. But you'll have to sift through a few pages to find then hahaha

    Cissus is my go-to

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gilmorecraig View Post
    I'm going up real fast and it's killing my rotator cuff. Any good supplements for joint help?
    Osteo biflex has done wonders for I've been using for short time and my problematic knees are feeling tremendously better when my shoulders were hurting on bench I just made some adjustments to my form and it went away after some rest,



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