Torso/Limbs Split

  1. Torso/Limbs Split

    I really like to work opposing muscle and movements so I came across this workout. What do you think?

    Chest (General) = DB Bench, 3 sets
    Back (General) = T-bar Rows, 3 sets
    Chest (upper) = Inc DB Bench, 3 sets
    Back (Lats) = Weighted Pullups, 3 sets
    Delt (Front) = Standing Barbell Press, 3 sets
    CHest (Fly) = Cable Crossover, 3 sets
    Delt (Rear) = Reverse Flyes, 3 sets
    Delt (Side) = Upright Rows wide grip, 3 sets
    Traps (General) = Barbell Shrugs, 3 sets

    Quad (General) = Squat, 3 sets
    Hamis (General)= RDL, 3 sets
    Quads (General)= Leg Press, 3 sets
    Hamis (General) = SeatedLeg Curls, 3 sets
    Calves(General) = Standing Raise Machine, 3 sets
    Triceps(General) = Skull Crushers. 3 sets
    Biceps (Curl) = EZ Bar Curls, 3 sets
    Triceps(General)= Rope Extensions, 3 sets
    Biceps (Hammer Move) = Inc Hammer Curls,3 sets

    Chest (Upper) = Weighted Pushup (Feet Elevated), 3 sets
    Back (General) = Weighted Inverted Row, 3 sets
    Chest (upper) = Weighted Diamond Pushups, 3 sets
    Back (Lats) = Weighted Nuetral Grip Chinups, 3 sets
    Delt (Front) = Weighted Handstand Pushups, 3 sets
    CHest (Fly) = Weighted Bodyweight Flyes, 3 sets
    Delt (Rear) = Weighted Face Pulls, 3 sets
    Delt (Side) = Angled Side Bridges, 3 sets
    Traps (General) = Inverted Upright Rows, 3 sets

    Hami (General)= Deadlifts, 3 sets
    Quad(General) = Seated Leg Press/Pistol Squats, 3 sets
    Hamis(General) = Lying Leg Curls, 3 sets
    Quads = Leg Extensions, 3 sets
    Calves = Seated Raise Machine, 3 sets
    Triceps = Weighted Dips, 3 sets
    Biceps = weighted Close Grip Chins, 3 sets
    Triceps = Bodyweight Skull Crushers, 3 sets
    Biceps = Bodyweight Curls (TRX), 3 sets

    I will be doing this on a 2 on and 1 off schedule. I will also be alternating light and heavy days. Sample will be as follows.

    Monday Day 1 = Light Torso (Free Weights) Rep range = 8-11
    Tuesday Day 2 = Light Limbs (Squat) Rep Range = 8-11
    Wed off
    Thur Day 3 = Light Torso (Bodyweight) Rep Range 8-11
    Fri Day 4 = Light Limbs (Dead) Reps 8-11
    Sat Day 5 = Heavy Torso Free Weights Reps 4-7
    Sun Day 6 = Heavy Limbs (Squat) reps 4-7
    Mon Day 7 = Heavy Bodyweight (Free) Reps 4-7
    Tue Day 8 = Heavy (Dead) Reps 4-7

  2. Well. If you like a torso limb split its fine. Personally (dont get offended) i find them retarted. You CANT take your biceps TOTALLY out of a back movement. Same with triceps and chest. So you will halfway work bis and tris on day 1 with chest and back. Then immediately hit them the next day on their own exercises. Then hit them the next day when u go back to chest and back. Too much. I personally would suggest (idk how many days per week u wanna lift but we'll assume 4) chest/back, legs, bis/tris, shoulders. You well ever so slightly hit tris a little on shoulders day. But not near as much as on chest. But either way, unless youre VERY large and built already (i mean like 230 and LEAN) , you dont need an arm day or necessarily work opposing muscle groups. Much better suited killing each group one day a week with compound stuff. Real high volume. Pretty heavy on most. Would be very beneficial.

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