Dumbells and Barbells and Freeweights

  1. Dumbells and Barbells and Freeweights

    I really have a VERY hard time choosing exercises. There are soo many exercises I like doing, I can just fit all of them in. So rather than decide, Im wondering if its possible to rotate through Barbells, Bodyweight, Dumbells, etc.

    I am definatley rotating through Free wights and then Bodyweights but wondering if I should break it up further and have a barbell workout then a bodyweight, then a dumbell or just a freeweight, then a bodywight.

    Anyone do this? thoughts?

  2. I love this idea. Generally I like to incorporate a little bit of all of those into every workout. It's keeps it fresh.

  3. Sure, go for it!! Why not?!? I lift like this all the time (circuit style) with little to no rest in between set's. Like Mross said- keeps it fresh!!

  4. I would think if the muscle is being stimulated and then rest, what difference does it make what the tool was that stimulated it? In fact i think I would think this change would be good so a muscle doesnt get accustomed to a movement. Ie I have done DB incline Bench for a while, recently witched to incline barbell and was amazed at how weak I was in that movement in comparison. How would it hinder progress if I keep switching? I dont want tmuscle to get used to movements I want to work them and then rest them. Serious question.

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