Is my whole left side lagging completely?

  1. Is my whole left side lagging completely?

    My right arm is bigger and stronger than my left and correcting it will be a long involved process that I don't feel like going through right now. I try to use perfect form though to make sure it doesn't get much worse. But it still feels like its getting worse. For example, today at the gym I did incline benching and dumbbell rows. I think I used really good form. I looked in the mirror and each arm looked like it was doing the same thing. But at the end of each excersise. I felt it A LOT more in my right. My right was also a lot more pumped up. Why is that? Could I somehow be using horrible form and not seeing it?

  2. We are more "intune" so to speak with our dominant side. Basically, you need to develop a better mind muscle connection with that side of your body. Always start your sets with the weaker side when doing isolateral exercises and always finish the dominant side with the same amount of reps as the weaker side.

  3. Thats what I always do. I just don't get how I'm moving the same amount of weight but only 1 side is getting Worked from it

  4. Even though it feels like only one side is benefiting that's not what's really going on. Give it time, and stay consistent. Your imbalances will eventually iron themselves out. One thing you could do to really make sure your not doing things differently is video yourself doing the exercise on each side.



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