I'm gonna get sssooooooo shredded!

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  1. If this doens't show people what a SMALL tweak in your diet can do, nothing will
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  2. DAY 36!! Happy Halloween!

    I have not been able to update as much as I'd hoped. Sorry. This week was a bit slow, but all in all I am very happy. There is still two valuable weeks to go but even if I were to stop here I would be pleased. Waist is right at 34, I'm seeing veins popping outta my arms, and I feel better than ever.

  3. Awesome, keep it up !
  4. DAY 38

    After another tweak and add in of some goodies (my request), I'm really starting to feel like I'm dieting. Waist was barely below 34 today, first time thats happened since in a LONG time!

    Also, for anybody interested, I posted new pics in the main section!
  5. DAY 43- 2 WEEKS LEFT!

    182 pounds!! Holy ****!!

    I'm a very happy guy today!

  6. Wow that's almost 20 pounds bro, and two weeks to go! Keep it up.

  7. LAST WEEK!!!!!!

    Well here we go! Gonna make it count!

    Weight stayed the same this week, however, I feel it did for a specific reason. IDK why, but week 7 into this plan (and probably week 14 or 15 total) strength is going up!! If you read my whole thread, you'll notice I haven't mentioned strength increasing or decreasing...well here it is..

    WEEK 7/8!

  8. Bobo has made my final tweaks . If anybody hasn't seen them, pics are up under the Bobo's public forum. I'm hungry and I feel small, but I look much better .

    Bobo, you could probably charge more money if you included a psychological aspect to your program. Charge an extra $50 for smallitis advice/help.

  9. Sure.

    $50/month for by boot in you ass and me screaming "Don't be a moron" should help
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  10. Its been fun!

    My time under Bobo's watch is up!

    I didn't have a chance to weigh in today (I've been using the same scale all 8 weeks), but will tomorrow. I'll let you guys know the final numbers! This **** has been awesome!

    BTW- I will probably continue to diet until Christmas. I will have to stop then...been dieting for wayyyy too long! If I haven't reached my goals by then I will continue after a 3 week break. I've also been selected by Stryder to test HEAT, so keep an eye out for the log! Thanx to all that followed this thread!
  11. Final weigh in!

    178 ****ING POUNDS!

    I've lost at least 22 pounds (not sure if the initial 200 was correct)!!! Its been fun!

  12. Good log
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  13. Good job DT. You should be proud of yourself.

  14. Awesome!!

  15. die trying was that all cardio and diet or what plz explain

  16. Wow, 22 pounds in 8 weeks. Great job DieTrying & Bobo.

  17. Excellent work indeed.

    I am definitely interested in giving Bobo a crack at my fat ass in the new year - no pun intended


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