Thoughts on my routine

  1. Thoughts on my routine

    Hey guys, long time member but I've been away from the site for probably close to three years now but decided I wanted to get back into the community and what better way to start than seeing if I can get some tips for improvement on my current routine. Any opinions, tips and criticisms will be greatly appreciated as I've been pretty much throwing my routine together on my own for 3 years now so I'd love to hear from people with a bit more experience than myself.

    Physical stats: I'm 21yo, 6'1, weigh between 210 and 215 with a BF between 12-13 at any given time and have been lifting for 5 years.

    Goals: I'm a rugby player so obviously strength and size are both important and thus my routine is focused on achieving both of those while maintaining a good cardio base which makes bulking tricky as we play pretty much year round. As far as specific goals, my legs have always lagged, I have good lower body strength and they aren't small but compared to my "trunk"( chest, back and ass), where I tend to put on most of my muscle mass, my arms and legs have always been smaller proportionately speaking, so I've been trying to add some size there as well as get a 500lb DL which I've been working on for about 6-8 weeks now. All numbers are from my most recent workouts and go up on a regular basis but I wanted you guys to get an idea of my weight splits, with that said here we go:

    Day 1: Chest
    Flat bench: warm-upx135, 5x225, 5x265,4-5x295, 3x315
    Incline: 5x185,5x205, 5x225, 3-4x250
    Decline: 225 till failure, 245 till failure, 265 till failure
    dumbell fly( flat and incline): 4x60lbs till failure for both

    Day 2: Upper back
    Bent over rows: 8x135, 8x165, 5x205, 4x225( with a few more tacked on with alot of cheating)
    Pull-ups: 4 sets till failure
    Pull-over machine: 4 sets, 10/8/6/6
    Wide-grip pull downs: 4 sets, 10/8/8/6
    Cable rows: 3 sets till failure

    Rest/plyometrics/ cardio day

    Day 3: Heavy legs/ back( Kind of an odd setup but I've been seeing results)
    Deadlift: 5x135, 5x225, 5x315, 4x405, 1x 480, RDLs at 225 till failure.
    Squats: 5x5 usually topping out at around 270 right now
    Shrugs: 3 sets of 6-8x315
    Hamstring curls: 4 sets

    Day 4: Arms
    Close-grip bench: 8x135, 8x165, 5x205, 4x225
    Skull crushers: 4 sets at 100lbs
    Dips: 4 sets till failure
    Either cable pull downs or heavy close grip upright machine press: 4 sets
    Heavy curls: 3 sets
    Preacher curls: 3 sets
    Upright rows: fairly light 3 sets

    Rest/ plyo/cardio day

    Day 5: High intensity legs( trying to get some growth going and just started this, I try to get it done in well under an hour)
    Leg extensions: 3 sets
    front hack squats: 4 sets of 8-10 reps
    Leg press: 4 sets till I get to about 6 reps
    Front squats: 3 sets of 6
    Hamstring curls: 4 sets of 8 reps

    Optional Bodyweight/ light cardio day

  2. have you ever looked up layne nortons phat routine? you should give it a look, its pretty similar to your current one so you mighg like it. just tweak it to your liking

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