Looking for 3 day split !!!! And tips

  1. Looking for 3 day split !!!! And tips

    Ok guys so here's the thing. I been lifting now for close to 3 months. In that period of time I lost 20 pounds so currently I'm 5'3 and weight 162 pounds. I been doing 4 day routine
    Monday shoulder triceps
    Tuesday back biceps
    Wensday chest
    Saturday leds
    Each workout session takes about an hour as I do about 5 exercises with 4 sets which makes it 20 sets all together, also I throw in about an hour of cardio .
    But recently it seems like I stopped making progress, so I was wondering what changes , suggestions you guys would have for me? I am thinking about going to 3day split . I am still looking to cut down the weight a little and make new mass and strength improvements.

    Supplements I take
    Whey protein
    Per workout

  2. Mon push

    Wed pull

    Fr legs
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    [email protected]

  3. Quote Originally Posted by howwedo107 View Post
    Mon push

    Wed pull

    Fr legs
    Came in to say that. Also if the scale isn't moving anymore you need to drop some more calories.

  4. Thnx guys also any drop sets or anything like that u would recommend to do? To make it more intense training

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