solo hypertrophics

  1. solo hypertrophics

    Hey everyone. So my work schedule changed and long story short my schedule will be too rough to sync with my lifting buddies. I know i could ask people at my gym for spots but I was just wondering what your guys' opinions were with regards to decent hypertrophic muscle/mass building exercises that you can do solo without a spotter. Obviously any machines would do - so i'm referring to free weights. What are some good hypertrophic and serious strength training exercises that you guys would recommend that you can comfortably do solo? i'm looking at suggestions for primarily chest, shoulders, and legs. But if you guys have unique suggestions for back/ biceps/ triceps i'm all for hearing your suggestions. Thanks people.

  2. Going to failure is over rated so the need for a spotter is also not necessary.

    I've been working out solo for 15+ years.

    K.I.S.S bro. Train hard, eat well, get your sleep and you'll be fine.

    PS: Solid abs bro. Kudos
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  3. i agree with the above poster. there is little need for failure. if you feel you must just lift in a cage.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. Bench is probably one of the more dangerous of the lifts if you dont have a spotter. But if you have access to a power rack you can set up pins to save you if you cant get it. What also works and is what I do sometimes... ill push one of the movable benches into the squat rack and use the rails of the squat rack to do start-stop style bench. start the rep at the bottom of the position and do one rep at a time with a short(1 second) pause/unloading between reps. i switched to this style bench for a while and was nowhere near as strong as i was on regular bench but when i went back to benching the regular way, my strength had increased. you could also do box squats so that if you cant get up from the bottom position, you can just leg go and it'll roll down your back.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post

    PS: Solid abs bro. Kudos
    Thanks for the compliment man.

  6. Thanks for the advice. I like the feeling of having someone there to help you force out the last rep or two, especially while benching. I love the exhausted yet massive pump feeling.


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