How Far Do You Lean Over For Bent Row?

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  1. I trained back today, the way i do it is one arm dumbbell rows on a slight incline and row to my waist for my lat recruitment, then do two arm bent over dumbbell rows at 90' degrees, focusing on thickness

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    IDK how you people get a full stretch at that angle unless you have short arms.
    Well, I am 5'9" with 29 inch legs, I am super stubby, and I don't really have a problem. Having said that, I find for back, for me, that getting a really good concentric movement is really important. It is where I think, and I was a prime candidate, that people make the biggest mistakes when it comes to back. And this exercise, I can feel the contraction better than any other back exercise. I also personally enjoy the hamstring stretch.

  3. its a slight lean but most importantly its a pull not a yank or a momemtum jerk. Bend knees arch back and tighten lower back


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